Taking one step further... a New Era of Healthcare
Higher quality healthcare
Taking one step further... a New Era of Healthcare
Easy-to-access care
Taking one step further... a New Era of Healthcare
Better use of resources


Healthcare Monitoring

Easy to collect your vital data via Bluetooth medical devices
Integrate with blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, weight scale, ECG, thermometer, pulse oximeter, and spirometer
Easy to manage and track your vital data
Set your vital range and track your progress in 3-D bar graph and pie chart
Customized care plan and alert system
Medical staff may customize your care plan and vital range. If your vital data is out of range, the medial staff will receive alerts and notifiations. (If you join the remote patient monitoring program)
Easy to communicate with your care team
You may communicate with your care team via our secure messaging system. (If you join the remote patient monitoring program)


Easy to create and manage televisits
Patients can use step-by-step instructions to create a new televisit
Medical staff manages all the televisits via a queuing system
Easy to evaluate patients’ health condition
Medical staff evaluates patients’ medical record based on subjective, objective, assessment and plan to streamline the televisit process
Medical staff correlates patients’ current health condition based on all the tracked vital data which are collected via remote patient monitoring system
Realtime remote diagnosis
Medical staff conducts realtime inspection with otoscope, microscope, dermatoscope, or camera remotely during televisit
Medical staff also conducts realtime auscultation with doctorgram stethoscope remotely during televisit


Mobile Applications

Easy to collect and manage vital data via Bluetooth
Step-by-step user interface for creating a new or follow-up televisit
Point and listen user interface (patented) for real-time auscultation during televisit
Secured message text system between a patient and a care team
Easy to capture images remotely during televisit


Concierge Care
Nursing Home Care
Palliative / Home Care
Preventive Care
Post-Surgery Care


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